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Ashoka Rock Edicts

Ashoka Rock Edicts

PYCA and the Faculty of Archaeology, Hazara University collaborated to provide support to the university’s students for restoring and reviving historical remnants from the era of King Ashoka. Under this initiative the artefacts were cleaned and preserved.

This exercise revived the cultural heritage of Pakistan, helped in developing a sense of ownership in the community and allowed students belonging to various castes, religions and ethnicities to work together as a team.

Much neglected site of Ashoka Rock Edicts is now once again open for general public. Through this activity people minimized their encroachments and developed a sense of respect for the worship places of the local Buddhist community.

Restoration of 3rd Century BC Stucco at Dharma Rajika Site, Taxila

Stucco at Dharma Rajika Site, Taxila

In line with PYCA’s goals to promote and preserve Pakistan’s cultural heritage, in 2015, upon receiving a request from the Department of Conservation at Hazara University, Mansehra, PYCA supported the renovation and revival of a badly damaged 3rd century BC sculpture at chapel N-18 on southern wall of Dharma Rajika Site Taxila.  Most of the surface material of the stucco had been detached from core whereas only 10% of the sculpture remained intact.

The process of conserving the damaged stucco to its original shape was completed in collaboration with the Department of Conservation at the Hazara University and Department of Archaeology & Museums, Government of Punjab. Mr. Tariq Kakar, an internationally renowned sculpture artist and Mr. Muhammad Safdar Khan, Chief Archaeological Chemist/Chairman (Department of Conservation Studies).

Preservation of Shiv’s Temple, Mansehra

In 2016 students of Hazara University launched a highly sustainable project titled, “Preserving Shiv’s Temple: An emblem of Hindus’ Survival Stretching Back Three Millennia.”

After receiving financial support of Pakistan Youth Change Advocates the students collaborated with the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony, Govt. of Pakistan and Directorate of Archaeology & Museums to complete the restoration work.

Activities such as cleaning, dis-tempering, painting, installation of dustbins, lighting etc. were completed by the students so that the Hindu devotees coming from within the country and abroad could visit their religious site to pay homage and celebrate the Annual Shivarastri Festival regularly.

The project has been appreciated by all quarters and has helped in presenting a softer image of the country on one hand and in promoting the sentiments of peace and tolerance in the region on the other.

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