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We need YOUR support for a Peaceful, Literate and Tolerant Pakistan!

With your support we can help bring lasting change in the lives of Pakistani Children and Youth. Your gift will help local people to build peace and heal their communities.

Single Donation

$50 –  Would  keep an out-of-school child in school 6 months!

$75 – Would help run a social media campaign to counter extremist messages for a whole month!

$100 – Would help empower a local youth leader to start his/her own peace initiative in their community.

Monthly Donations

$20 – This could provide a sustainable supply of diet to a malnourished family for a whole month!

$35 –  Would help us run a radio campaign in remote areas of Pakistan educating youth on the vices of extremism and informing the womenfolk of their rights.

$50 – Would help us provide 20 people with training materials enabling them to fight against extremism.

What do we do?

Youth Program

We work with young people across all the four provinces of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir and train them to become agents of positive change against extremism in their communities. We also provide seed funding to our young alumni and help them implement peace-focused projects in their communities.

In the last 2 years, PYCA has trained more than 1,500 youth representatives in 25 districts of Pakistan and provided seed funding to 150 boys and girls to launch their own peace initiatives across the country.


We have recently launched an enrollment campaign in Golra Sharif and its adjoining slum areas (in the capital city of Islamabad) to help children living in abject poverty receive primary education. Our target is to enroll and monitor the progress of at least 50 out-of-school-children between September 2015 to June 2016. The idea here is to integrate out of school children into mainstream public  primary education sector. In addition these underprivileged children will also be provided probono weekly lessons in martial arts, singing and meditation. Additionally, the families of these children will be provided monthly support in terms of food items to ensure that these children are not forced into labout and/or beggary to feed their families.

PYCA’s designated team members will monitor the academic progress and overall well-being of each enrolled child until the completion of her/his primary education.

Media Program

PYCA has been actively engaged on electronic, print and social media to raise awareness about important issues such as child rights, democratic reforms, youth empowerment etc. and also to provide alternate narratives to young people for a more peaceful and united Pakistan.

During 2015 alone, PYCA conducted 45 radio shows with nationwide coverage that aimed at countering extremist world views.

PYCA is now looking to upscale media engagement to reach out to the most remote areas of the country for greater impact.

How to Donate

You can donate via our Campaign Page


You can contribute directly to our bank account given below:

PYCA Reserve Account: 0452006900071063

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