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Pakistan Youth Change Advocates in partnership with Peace Education Foundation (PEF) has launched a training initiative with the belief that there is a need to develop a new, integrated approach to combating extremism in Pakistan that would organically be led by university youth.  The project aims to not merely disseminate information to raise awareness about peace but will also groom university youth to identify and peacefully counter hate narratives within their communities and social spheres.

Overall Objective of the Project

To promote youth engagement and alternative spaces and narratives to extremist messaging in Pakistan.

Specific Objectives

  • Identifying PYCA participants/leaders from vulnerable university communities and relationship-building with key stakeholders.
  • University-based workshops and development of joint action plans.
  • Creation of peace focused public service messages (PSM) and audio episodes to be aired on electronic and social media.
  • Establishing a social media platform for discussion, networking, blogging and video-posting for the youth.
  • Selecting innovative proposals submitted by university youth and providing seed funding and mentorship to the young people to implement these in their communities.
  • Evaluation exercise to gauge the impact of the project.

Expected Outcomes

The initiative aims to inspire outcomes at three levels, i.e. knowledge, attitudes and behaviors.


  • Young people are equipped with pro-active techniques to identify violent extremist messages and options for offsetting or refuting these messages.
  • Young people engage in critical thinking that allows them to arrive at solutions to problems.
  • Young people acquire critical skills to strategize, story tell, use social media and create a business plan to effectuate their goals.


  • Individuals and communities become convinced that they have capacity to counter violent or extremist messages.
  • That they should and can influence decision makers to achieve constructive change.


  • Pakistani youth feels empowered, inspired and trained to initiate social entrepreneurship vehicles that will effectuate positive change.
  • Pakistani youth actively involves in an intra-community dialogue and acts in ways to reduce the circulation of extremist messages.

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