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Youth Advocacy and Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (October 2013 – March 2015):

With financial support from the U.S Embassy in Pakistan, PYCA launched a training initiative in 2013 with the belief that there was a need to develop a new, integrated approach in combating extremism in Pakistan that would organically be led by university youth.

Under the “Youth Advocacy and Social Entrepreneurship Initiative” 1,500 university-going young people across 25 higher education institutes in all the four provinces of Pakistan were capacitated on peace-building, peaceful conflict resolution, social media tools, advocacy and social entrepreneurship. Additionally, PYCA raised funds from local philanthropists to technically and financially support about 150 young people (belonging to 17 groups) all over the country in implementing their own projects to promote peace with in their own communities. Please refer to “Alumni Peace Projects” for more details.

This video presents our journey to inspire young people across the country to strive for “A Dream Called Peace”.

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