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[By Ammar Zafarullah]

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is confronted with numerous challenges. Religious intolerance and extremism figure prominently among them. Pakistan’s position as a frontline state in the war against terror has wreaked colossal damage upon it. The media, which is considered the ‘fourth estate,’ has immense responsibility on its shoulders to address issues of public interest.

Pakistan’s democracy is still in the transitional phase and while the role of media as a “watch dog” cannot be negated, it is also important to note that adopting a hostile and adversarial position undermines government efforts.

In the last five years or so, the media has spread tremendously horizontally, but its vertical growth and maturity has been largely constrained.

It is important for the media to act as a self-regulatory body in consultation with all key stake-holders and adhere to a mutually-agreed code of conduct.

Published in The Express Tribune (Letter to the Editor), July 1st, 2010.

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