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Training of Trainers – 2015
Advance Training on Peace and Social Entrepreneurship 3rd Training at Karachi University – 25-26 Aug, 14
Training at Hazara University with Students of Mass Communication Training at Karachi University – 22-23 Aug, 2014
2nd Training at Institute of Policy Studies 1st Workshop at the Institute of Policy Studies
Training at Superior University: Day 1 Training with Students of Government Degree College, Chitral
2nd Workshop at Superior University – 26-27 Sep, 2014 3rd Training at IPS Islamabad 3-4 Sep, 2014
Workshop at Ripha University – 1-2 Oct, 2014 Workshop at Ripha Institute of Media Studies – 22-23 Sep, 2014
2nd Workshop in the Air University, Multan Peace Training at University of South Asia
4th Workshop at the Karachi University 1st Workshop in the BZU, Lahore Campus
Workshop at Air University 2nd workshop at IM Sciences, Peshawar
1st Training at University of Sargodha

Workshop at Abasyn University

1st Training at Sindh Agriculture University

2nd Training at University of Sargodha

1st Training at Sindh University

2nd Training at Sindh Agriculture University

Workshop at Hazara University

2nd Training at Sindh University

Workshop at Institute of Management Sciences

Workshop at Karachi University

Workshop at University of Peshawar

Workshop at Bahauddin Zakariya University

Workshop at Royal Group of Colleges Workshop at University of Gujrat
Consultative Workshop on Peace & Advocacy Curriculum

Training of Trainers on Peace and Advocacy Curriculum

Pakistan Youth Change Advocates

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